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About Us

i-Respondent Sdn Bhd ("i-Respondent") is in the business of recruiting quality and qualified respondents for qualitative and quantitative market research studies.

www.i-respondent.com is the online tool of i-Respondent where we collect demographic and psychographic information of consumers aged between 7 and 70 from 3 core categories of consumers i.e. students, working adults and housewives.

By way of free membership on this Malaysia's premier website for respondents, consumers voluntarily give permission to i-Respondent to invite them to participate in any ongoing study/survey that we coordinate for our clients i.e. market research companies, advertising firms, service providers, manufacturers of consumer products, associations, education bodies and government authorities.

Designed as an interactive platform, respondents may update their database anytime, anywhere via internet. By keeping their records current, respondents stand a higher chance to be selected and invited to participate in any study/survey that matches their up-to-date profile.

The primary purpose is to create and promote awareness among a wide cross-section of consumers in Malaysia on the importance of their role as consumers in today's marketplace such that they participate in market research studies/surveys where their opinions and insights are collected, analysed and reported by market research experts to their clients/marketers.

Meaningful insights would generate actionable solutions for clients/marketers to develop, enhance or revamp their products, services or concepts to cater to the current needs of discerning consumers.