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By completing this form, you are consenting to volunteer yourself to participate in any surveys coordinated by i-Respondent Sdn Bhd. When your information matches current research study criteria, we may contact you to enquire about your interest and availability in participation.

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If you qualify for a study and choose to participate, we will reward you for your time and commitment. Incentive payouts are determined by the sponsors of each study.

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i-Respondent Sdn Bhd is concerned about the safety and privacy of all its users, particularly children. For this reason, upon receipt of the Under 18 Registration Form (the "Registration Data") of children under the age of 13, i-Respondent Sdn Bhd shall obtain a verbal or written permission from parents/legal guardians of children who wish to allow their children access to i-Respondent.com.

Thus, you also give your child permission to access many areas of i-Respondent.com, including email, newsletters, message  boards,  banners,  hyperlinks to  other  websites and  instant  messaging (among others). Please remember that i-Respondent.com is designed to appeal to a broad audience. Accordingly, as the parent/legal guardian, it is your responsibility to determine whether any of the areas, sections and/or content is appropriate for your child.

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