Frequently Asked Questions

About the company

i-Respondent is a consumer data collection centre with office in Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia. Our business is to gather general consumer populations as well as professionals, their demographic details, media habits and behaviours into our database for surveys. We are a locally owned company providing people with an opportunity to give their honest opinions about the products and services they buy and use.

What are you selling?

Please let us assure you that i-Respondent is a legitimate company. Unlike telemarketing or sales companies, i-Respondent never attempts to sell you any product or service during our calls or anytime after you have participated in a survey. Any information you provide to our company will be held in confidence.

What do you do with my answers?

Ultimately, your opinions are included anonymously with those of the other survey participants in a report by market research experts to the company that sponsored the research. That might be a retail store, a manufacturer, an association, an education body, a government authority, or a company that provides services. Your responses help those companies/authorities do a better job.

Who is sponsoring this study?

i-Respondent is an independent company. The clients who sponsor our studies are not to be revealed to remain unbiased in the survey.

How do you collect my information?

Any person, aged 7 and above, are welcome to register online as a member or respondent when you visit our website at Membership is free. By registering yourself, you are giving consent to i-Respondent to keep your information in our database and allowing us to contact you for surveys. As i-Respondent is an interactive database, members may edit, remove and update their personal information from time to time by logging into their account to make the changes.

What is a database?

A database is a list of people. i-Respondent's database is a listing of consumers or households in Malaysia and outside Malaysia, who have agreed to let us call on them via various modes of communication i.e. i-Respondent website, phone calls, emails, newsletters, letters, sms, visits, social networks, blogs, forums, etc. from time to time to gather their opinions about products and services, or to alert them of current survey(s).

Why do you ask personal questions?

We only ask personal questions, so we can be sure of getting a true cross-section of people. Our database helps ensure that we only call you for studies which may be appropriate for you or that you may find interesting. For example, if we are doing a survey about children's products, we would only call households in our database that have children. Similarly, if the topic of our survey is a particular make of automobile, we would only contact those households that have told us they own that make of car.

What happens when i-Respondent calls?

In a typical opinion research study, one of our interviewers would call to speak to respondent to ask him/her some questions about the products or services he/she uses. Our interviewers always identify themselves by name and tell you they are calling from i-Respondent. If you are busy when we call, please tell us, we would be happy to call you at a more convenient time. We will then ask you the background questions about the products or services we are surveying. You may be offered the chance to participate in a taste test, group discussion, and/or interview regarding opinions on such things as advertising, packaging, and new product ideas. Often those selected are offered cash/premium gift for taking the time to participate. If you are not interested in participating in the survey, simply let the interviewer know.

i-Respondent may also conduct online surveys for clients which are only accessible by its members or respondents.

How can I be sure what you do is really supporting market research?

If you ever feel that your confidentiality has been compromised, please contact i-Respondent immediately.


If the information above doesn’t help, please call our support centre +603-7729 8382.